Preferred Areas of Practice

  • Advanced manual, neuro-musculo-skeletal healthcare
  • Myofascial release (Active release therapy and fascial manipulation)
  • Evidence-based rehabilitation - MSc in Clinical Rehab 
  • Nutritional advice supplementation - nutraceuticals by Metagenics and Genestra
  • Sole Supports Custom Orthotics - 3D casted clinically researched orthotics
  • Spidertech Kinesiotaping - the original Japanese sports tape, sticky, stretchy, 100% cotton
  • Sole Footbeds - heat moulded inserts up to 3.2 mm thick with clinical evidence
  • Braces (Orthopaedic orthoses) by Bauerfeind, PSB - only the best quality German and Dutch made braces for every body part for functional stability
  • On-site (beach, street) chiropractic health care: Canadian Surfing Championships - Rip Curl Pro Tofino 6th year, Queen of the Peak Tofino 6th year, Edge to Edge marathon - Ucluelet 6th year.