Dr. Ron Norman is a european-trained and educated Chiropractor specifically trained to diagnose and treat your musculoskeletal conditions through various diagnostic and therapy techniques.

Each patient's treatment plan and services required will be tailored to suit their unique needs.


Whether you are: an elite professional athlete, olympian, seeking overall wellness, have sustained a work, car or sport injury or just simply experience an imbalance in your life, chiropractic treatment may help.

Clinical experience treating: surfers, cyclists, kayakers, triathletes, rowers, NFL/CFL, NBA, NHL, rugby, baseball, etc...


You can recover faster, attain a better balance and get you back to living life fully as you are meant to on the this slice of paradise of the west coast.

Keep moving...motion is lotion to the joints and muscles!

Be proactive not reactive to your injury prevention so you can play comfortably for decades.